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Kiwi Export Group Supplier Opportunities

Kiwi Export Group is a division of Hampton Venture Partners dedicated to providing approved clients with the opportunities to have access to specialist professionals who can and will support them to leverage their desire to become a globally engaged business.

We offer two different pathways for our clients

1)  Engaging our professional services as a standalone entity.

2) Or under a non-conflicting sector cluster approach known as the engagement pod.

  • This model allows businesses who fit our criteria under a collective system the critical mass to leverage their investment to secured services that may usually beyond their fiscal reach as they enter into a global engagement strategy.

We are open to all sectors being involved in our collective pods and have a pool of distribution lines we can introduce our pod members to if they are considered ready to succeed.

China Asia Focus

The Belt and Road opportunities and challenges are ideal for businesses to investigate if their business is fit for purpose in an Asian engagement strategy our collective pod system opens the door for more companies to examine if an Asian engagement strategy is correct for them.

We set up approved businesses to achieve in their Asia engagement strategy and walk beside them through the process.

To find out if your business is eligible to be part of our collective pod system please contact us.

 4 Reasons To Be Part Of Our Group Supplier Pod 

1) Entering a new market with little knowledge or no professional support is risky if successful you were lucky.

2) Leveraging the knowledge of specialist experts in their field who work as a synchronised network provides peace mind.
3) Being part of a group who are focused on the same end goals eases the burden and stress of new market entry initiatives.

4) We provide professional integrity for all parts of the market entry pathway.

If you beleive that your company has the potential to  succeed in the China and Asia Markets and would like to  find out more about our export supplier opportunities take the time to fill out our supplier expression of the interest contact form.



Trust us …..  you need us, regardless of who you are, let us support you find new export markets either as a standalone client or as part of our pod eco-system


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